• HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
  • 2021年
  • 4th Round Approved Project
  • $9,000,000
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Objective Kwai Chung was built on the hillside, the public staircase is the major carrier of the pedestrian flow in the district. Its “numerous, long and steepness” characteristics have always been criticized by the community. In view of this, the third phase of the project is to renew and revitalise the public staircase in Kwai Chung. Based on our experience in the past four years, we aim to extend the district renewal model of Kung Yung Koon and "Ping Lai Plus" projects to the staircases of Kwai Chung, to catalyze the community's ability to turn disadvantages into advantages. As the heart of the project, Kung Yung Koon and Ping Lai Path will turn the manpower mobilization and resources into the energy of the community. They will be transported through the staircases, like blood vessels, to all parts of Kwai Chung, enhancing the mutual communication between Chinese and South Asian low-income neighborhoods, enriching the landscape of Kwai Chung and bringing back the power to Kung Yung Koon and Ping Lai Path as a loop.

I.“Kwai Chung StairUp”- Wo Yi Hop Staircase Improvement Work
Through engaging the community in the “Kwai Chung StairUp” public staircase improvement work to improve the problem of being too skewed, long and narrow. Public facilities will be optimized for the use of Chinese and ethnic minorities in the district to improve the living environment.

II. Kung Yung Koon Shabnam & Ping Lai Path – Revitalized Community Space
The role of “Kung Yung Koon” and Ping Lai Path as a pioneer of district renewal will be consolidated by organizing different working groups, such as kids staircase team, woodwork team and volunteer team, providing public participation trainings, assembling and demonstrating different stages of the project, together with receiving, sharing and delivering community messages, to provide nutrients for the other projects as a heart, and a district renewal model for the community, strengthening the capacity of Kwai Chung community.

III. “Ups” – Kwai Chung Staircase reforming project
Through 5 cross-cultural exhibitions and varied workshops cooperated with different organizations, and the community experience tours organized for schools, groups and the public, the participants will learn more about the multi culture in Kwai Chung, facilitating them to imagine creative remodel of staircases, turning the disadvantages criticized by the community into advantages. Staircase Festival will be held in summer to exhibit the interim result.

IV. “Grasp A Bag” Kwai Chung Shopping Trolley Sharing Network
Kung Yung Koon is now working with Making on Loft, started out with a community research about the residents’ habits of trolley using influenced by the landscape of Kwai Chung. The research finding will be exhibited with a community resources map. With the inquiry and workshops, residents will learn how to fix their own broken trolleys and remake themselves the best trolley for moving around Kwai Chung.

V. “Behind the Industry”- A board game box integrating with reality scenes
“Behind the Industry”, a board game box that combines with reality scenes will be launched to start out a series of public education programs. Through the guidance of the reality game, the public can personally visit the locations where the programs were implemented and the landmarks of the cross-cultural stories in Kwai Chung. During the exploration of the puzzles, the public will be inspired by the views of community revitalization. The residents’ sense of belonging and the capability to activate the community will also be strengthened.