The District Urban Renewal Forum (DURF) is one of the major highlights of the “Urban Renewal Strategy” promulgated by the Government in 2011. As the first DURF in Hong Kong, the Kowloon City DURF was established in June 2011 with the mission of formulating the Urban Renewal Plan (URP) for Kowloon City based on a series of planning and other studies and public engagement, which were funded by the Urban Renewal Fund (URF).

In 2012, the URF approved a funding of $4.97 million to the Kowloon City DURF to conduct the planning study, social impact assessment and public engagement.

Based on the results of different studies and a series of public engagement activities, the DURF formulated and submitted the URP to the Government in January 2014 for consideration and follow-up. The development of the Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail is one of the recommendations of the URP.

In line with its commitment to support heritage preservation and district revitalisation initiatives in the urban renewal context, the Board of Directors of the URF took the initiative to provide funding to the project on the Development of the Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail. In December 2016, the URF invited proposals from interested organizations to implement the development of the Themed Walking Trail.