• Corporation
  • Project Period
  • Project Type
  • Approved Budget
  • HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
  • Completion on 31 July 2018
  • 3rd Round Approved Project
  • $5,500,000
Objective Kwai Chung is one of the districts with the greatest number of South Asians. At Ping Lai Path, there are always stories narrating the integration between both Chinese and South Asian culture. The steam from dim sum steamers combining the scent of South Asian curry creates harmony. The typical Chinese Dim Sum restaurant settles right in the middle of the South Asian neighborhood. A socially related ambience among Chinese and South Asian is harmoniously seen everyday.

“Our Community of Love & Mutuality – Revitalizing Cultural Diversity & Community Legacy in Kwai Chung” launched by HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre adds new synergy and imagination into Ping Lai Path and Kwai Chung through community networking, the completion of the Ping Lai Beautification Project, and the execution of “Kwai Chung Re-made” Cross-cultural Community Revitalizing Trail.

  • “Ping Lai Plus II”–Ping Lai Cross-Cultural Community Revitalization Project and “Kung Yung Koon – Shabnam”The main feature of this project is to revitalize Ping Lai Path surrounded by old buildings. Before the Ping Lai Path beautification construction, the planters that have been abandoned was occupying the entire street, making the street looked indecent and inconvenient to use. The community space is greatly expanded after the beautification construction, and the neighborhood can enjoy the street more. Though the construction period lasted only for 3 months, the liaison process among different parties is not an easy task. The support from Urban Renewal Fund provides our team essential support during the period.The project successfully implemented a series of community participation activities, including the “Ping Lai Plus Community Revitalization Project” and Kung Yung Koon, to spread the cross-cultural character beneath Kwai Chung. Besides revitalizing Ping Lai Path, the project has created a useful model for revitalizing old district. Kung Yung Koon is the heart of the mentioned model – the shop actively linked the neighborhood and the stakeholders up, in order to find a good balance of different comments during the revitalizing process. The feature of the project is the building up of Ping Lai Path rest area into “multi-cultural community park. We hope the park can be a container of community members’ different opinions and the junction of people from different walk of life.

    “What could Kwai Chung be?” Activity Series

    Through a series of exhibitions, workshops and experiential activities such as: “Shaba! Shaba! Magical Colors in South Asia” Exhibition, Ping Lai Festival – “Walk, Learn, Eat, Play” Ping Lai Path Carnival, “Planning, Multiculturalism and Life” – Kwai Chung Community Tour, also with a series of community-based activities, the participants can glimpse a better understanding of Kwai Chung’s uniqueness. There were nearly 1,675 participants. The team expects to create a borderless imagination beyond the framework of “Kwai Chung = Industrial Building” through a series of work, thereby bringing about new energy on the revitalization of the community.

    “Kwai Chung Re-made” Cross-cultural Community Revitalizing Trail

    Kwai Chung is rich in local and South Asian cultural resources. The “Kwai Chung Re-made” Cross-cultural Community Revitalizing Trail was established to link up a group of professional researchers to jointly discover and record historical landmarks in the area, local and South Asian special venues and shops. Our team has been cooperating with an experienced organization “SEE Network”, to co-create the area and theme of the revitalizing trail. A printed map, online resource map (will be launched in the existing project website), a filmed video and an ending activity “Ping Lai Seminar” are published as a result of the research. The research and the making of revitalizing trail leave a treasurable record of multi-cultural life in Hong Kong.