• Corporation
  • Project Period
  • Project Type
  • Approved Budget
  • HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
  • Completion on 31 March 2016
  • 1st Round Approved Project
  • Around HK$3,900,000
Objective Ping Lai Path is a microcosm, a community where ethnic minority and local Chinese households mingled and cultures cohabited. This project will renovate selected public space with elements heralding cross-cultural heritage of Ping Lai Path, and put into this eclectic mix the Cultural Insight Museum, experiential cultural tours, booths-day, and the like. Such that the Ping Lai community will continue to thrive and evolve, continuing its legacy and heritage where people of all races cherish their cultural identity while value their mutuality.

The project “Our Community of Love & Mutuality (I)– Nurturing Cultural Diversity & Community Legacy in Kwai Chung”, which was launched by HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre, has came to an end on 30th November 2015. The project took Ping Lai Path and Ping Fu Path in Kwai Chung, where the peaceful South Asian neighbourhoods cluster, as the starting point for promoting and revitalizing the cross-cultural uniqueness in the community.

KungYungKoon-The Dost served as a community hub where people from different ethnic backgrounds can gather and share vivid stories. In the past two years, various unique cross-cultural exhibitions including, “Persianity – Photo Exhibition of Iranian Culture”, “WOW! India – Photo Exhibition of Indian Culture”, “Beyond Architecture: Hong Kong 2015 Exhibition”, “It’s Summer Time! – Kids in Hong Kong” exhibition, “Gurkha’s History in Hong Kong”, etc were launched. The accumulated visitor number had nearly reached 13,000. Exhibitions showcasing diverse cultures changed seasonally, together with ad hoc activities such as community tours, workshops, music shows etc., allowing the public to explore different cultures’ uniqueness and leading 6900 and 800 people joined our market and cultural tour respectively. Since its opening in May, 2014, with the active involvement of the neighborhood and community, KungYungKoon-The Dost became a vivid public space where people from all walks of life could enjoy: children posting their drawing on walls, restaurants bringing refreshment for share, a new-born baby’s family sharing their joy, etc. It was all these precious moments warming every corners of KungYungKoon-The Dost. Last but not least, all the loving stories witnessed in our project have been written in the book “Beyond the Hassle and Hustle – Stories of Kwai Chung Cross-cultural Community”.

Another highlight of our project, Ping Lai Plus–Ping Lai Cross-Cultural Community Revitalization Project gathered like-minded artists from different background, and revitalised the Ping Lai sitting-out area into an open garden featuring various cross-cultural elements, and also a public space where people from all cultural backgrounds can share and enjoy. We were glad to have support from different parties. Together with full support from the Urban Renewal Fund, different government officials and our community members, the planters, paved floor and relaxing benches have been renovated, and Ping Lai Path has finally turned into a splendid cross-cultural landmark comprehending educational, recreational and beautifying function in Jan 2016.