• Life Workshop
  • Completion on 15 May, 2018
  • 3rd Round Approved Project
  • $2,900,000
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Objective The objectives of the “Kengaku' Small Shop Handcraft Master Nurturing & Community Revitalisation” project is to record the small shop craftsmanship providing opportunity to those who are interested to learn the skills and to apply the skills further into the community, to nurture the new generation of craftsman and revitalize the traditional craftsmanship.

By collaborating with old shop owners and craftsmen, a series of handicraft workshops and community cultural tours were organized in which traditional handicrafts were promoted. Traditional craftsmanship workshops were successfully held including mahjong carving, wooden box carving, bronze plate making and Chinese calligraphy…etc. The project also collaborated with craftsmen to publish a series of publications to record the traditional craftsmanship and benefited the beginners to acquire the basic skills in certain crafts. To promote the traditional handicrafts to the public, seminars on traditional handcrafts of old shops in Yau Tsim Mong were organized for organizations and schools. Exhibition and sharing sessions were organized at REstore, as well as pop-up store were organized at the Hong Kong Book Fair and Eslite Bookstore. The project successfully engaged craftsmen of old shop in Yau Tsim Mong, provided opportunity for those who were interested to acquire the traditional handcrafts and nurtured the new generation of craftsman and revitalized the valuable traditional craftsmanship.