• Corporation
  • Project Period
  • Project Type
  • Approved Budget
  • Southern District Dragon Boat Racing Committee
  • September 2021 - November 2023
  • 5th Round Approved Project
  • $6,000,000
Objective Aberdeen is a fishing port situated inside a town composing a unqiue city landscape combining a bustling downtown and a harbor brimming of boats. While Aberdeen has experienced different stages of urbanization in the past half century, the coast of the harbor still endures the ambience of fishing port creating a sharp contrast fusing the old and new scenes. The harbor is surrounded by the soaring skyscrapers like Aberdeen downtown, Tin Wan, Ap Lei Chau, South Horizons where the local residents can share the sea space together. This distinctive town attracts lots of people living outside this area and overseas to visit and explore.

A Tale of Aberdeen Fishing Port is a project showcasing a town fishing port latitude commencing from Aberdeen seaside while connecting only a miles away of the opposite coast of Ap Lei Chau.  It starts at the Temporary Fishermen Culture Museum which is locating at Aberdeen seaside having the exhibits of photography showing the old look of Aberdeen fishing port and its transformation. It concludes at a place, “Dragon Habitat” (Lung Tau), named by the neighbors of Ap Lei Chau waterfront where implementing “place making” to optimizing the space. It will incorporate the communal artistry to create an exceptional sharing space filled with the essence of fishing port.  A series of public activities will be conducted here with the cooperation of local district organizations. This project is aiming to enhance the uniqueness of the community, enriching the community capital and extending its continuity.

Three core elements of A Tale of Aberdeen Fishing Port

1. Fishermen Culture Muesum
Showcasing the previous life of fishermen, the operation of fishing boats and the development of Aberdeen Fishing Market etc.

2. Optimizing “Dragon Habitat” in Ap Lei Chau
“Dragon Habitat” is a unique landmark storing a lot of traditional wooden dragon boats. Making the best use of it, “Dragon Habitat” will be created as a distinctive public sharing space. Activities such as guided tour, carnivals, workshops can be held here aiming to promoting the evolution of Aberdeen fishing port urbanization.

3. Communal Artistry Project
Leading by the experienced coaches, a series of workshops targeting for the youth to explore the traditional fishermen dragon boat culture and its unparalleled heritage will be conducted. By capturing it ethos and displaying with images and 3D paintings, an energetic community landmark will be constituted.

This project will offer a series of public engaged activities including:
Fishing Port City cultural tour
– Community carnival
– Fishermen dragon boat touring on the water
– Fish market tour
– Fishermen food workshops