• St. James' Settlement
  • Completion on 30 June, 2020
  • 3rd Round Approved Project
  • $8,800,000
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Objective To Kwa Wan as an old district, number of new buildings after reconstruction are increasing while number of dilapidated buildings are decreasing, new and old residents are living in the same district. Community public space is free for people of different age, background and race to meet and communicate with each other, to build up a social network finally. Community public space is also like a living room of a family, the family members would gather, chat and play games there. It is a good place to make better relationship with others. “To Kwa Wan Community Dining Room” Project has been launched to look for and explore the potential of small and hidden public spaces in the community, try to improve the issues in the community. With the collaboration of professionals, such as social workers, architects, urban planners, artists, they work together to create different designs of public spaces for different functions. Moreover, the residents are involved to engage in the design of the community to revitalize To Kwa Wan district. Improvement construction work would be processed to make the change in the community.

To explore the potential of public spaces with participants in the programs, hope to process the improvement construction work later. The programs are listed below:

Community Public Space Research
Data is being collected and analysed in the research to produce the “To Kwa Wan Public Space Map”.

Gate Painting Workshop, Street Furniture Workshop and Recycle Eco-Friendly Workshop

To work with students, residents and shop keepers together in those workshops to design their own community.

Community Planning and Design Workshop
To cooperate with architect in those workshops, interviews and observation is important for understanding the interaction of people in the public space. It is also a good chance to gather the comments of the application of the public space.

Community Planning and Design Exhibition
The exhibition would be launched in July 2018. The outcome of the workshops and the collected opinions would be introduced to the public.