• HULU Culture
  • Completion on 20 September 2016
  • 2nd Round Approved Project
  • Around HK$3,500,000
Objective The project arouses the memory and attention of Hong Kong people to local industry, various kinds of activities will be organized, including exhibitions, markets and workshops, to present the relationship between Kwun Tong District and the local industrial development. The youngsters’ understanding on the culture and golden period of Hong Kong industry could be increased, and consequently the preservation and revitalization of Kwun Tong District could be achieved.

During the project period of March 2015 to April 2016, we organized a series of cultural events regarding the theme of industries in South Kwun Tong, ranging from workshops, guided tours, outdoor carnivals and creative flea markets. Meanwhile, the Backtory Exhibition Venue, opens to the public every Thursday to Saturday, was grandly opened in mid-July 2015. Apart from displaying art installations about industrial culture made by local artists and tertiary students, the venue also shows old industrial products that were made in Hong Kong, through which we introduce both traditional and emerging industries of the districts. In order to further promote South Kwun Tong history and culture, we made a website for this project supplemented with feature articles regularly posted online, as well as printed leaflets for distribution in the venue.