• Corporation
  • Project Period
  • Project Type
  • Approved Budget
  • The Warehouse Teenage Club
  • 4 April 2019 – 31 March 2020
  • 4th Round Approved Project
  • $5,000,000
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Amanda Vong
Objective "Re: South – The Heritage and Community Arts Project" aims at preserving and promoting the cultural significance of the Southern District. Through a series of programmes including community study, guided tours, community arts events and thematic exhibitions, we aspire to transform the district into an arts and cultural hub by revealing its unique characters, and revitalize the community by strengthening its local neighbourhood network.

In this year, The Warehouse Teenage Club (The Warehouse) arranged more than 10 focus group meetings with local residents and organizations who familiar with the Southern District. We also collected the historical information about the Southern District like some old shops with long history (including closed and unclosed) from libraries, reference books, and Internet, etc. We then gathered the data and information collected as the reference materials for Community Study and Guided Tour of the project.

Community Study
The Warehouse held community study workshops (Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau) from June to October last year. Two workshops attracted nearly 80 participants which led by different artists. Participants had the chance to explore the community with different creative skills and creative thinking through video recording, writing and sketching. Community arts map and exhibition will be presented to showcase the artworks and results of Community Study. Next workshop about Wong Chuk Hang will be held in mid-2020.

Guided Tours
The Warehouse recruited more than 20 cultural ambassadors and hosted nearly 20 sessions of training in October last year. They did the research and communicated with residents to explore the different facets of Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau area, then studied the feasibility, experimented and modified into possible routes. 4 different routes with the themes of fishery development, history, old shops and nature were designed finally. The first community guided tour was held in January which our cultural ambassadors have led nearly 20 participants to immerse in the area. Second phase of cultural ambassador training and guided tour will be held soon.

Thematic Exhibitions
We are now connecting with consultants and exhibition curators for the renovation and exhibition. The first phase has already been carried out with fiber broadband installations at the Warehouse to provide free wireless network for raising the interactivity of the exhibition like AR/VR mobile app to draw more traffic and enhance the learning process in the future.

Community Arts Event
We are now communicating with different parties including consultants and artists and the public, etc., to study the feasibility and confirm the details of the project. We will then recruit local arts groups or artists to curate different community art projects with the locals to create an arts and cultural atmosphere in the district, nurture the sense of belongings and build cohesion within the community.